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Live Help Software Benefits

Special thanks to our selected clients for giving us access to the data.

We spend many hours laboring over our websites, changing this and that. But are we accomplishing our goal of increasing sales? Think about how much time and money you have spent driving traffic to your website. Have your sales increased? On average a whopping 98% of your site visitors are leaving your site without becoming customers! We can speculate all we want as to why that is, but i think all of us would agree that having a Customer Service in a form of Live Help via Text Chat on our websites would definitely benefit our sales and in the same time will add human touch to our web pages.

Think of Live Help on your website as you would about 411 directory. If you need a phone number for Pizza Shop on 4th and South you'd pick up the phone and dial 411 and in 30 seconds you are placing your order for 3 large pizzas delivered just in time before your favorite TV show. Now imagine having “411 directory” or let’s call it “Instant Help Service” on your website! Live Help technology brings this ability to the net today.

For most of its brief history, online shopping has been a largely anonymous process, with Web-based merchants content to wait for browsers to initiate an interaction. But now, more businesses are adding Live-Chat technology that allows them to step up and make the first move and offer a virtual "May I help you?" The idea is to introduce a human factor into virtual shopping. "Shoppers like to buy from people," says Michael Kansky, CEO of ZaZa Software, Inc, website development firm based in Richboro, PA, "It's the same as walking into a store and having a live person explain to you every product so you can make the right purchase. It makes a connection, a one-on-one conversation."

There are companies on the net providing Live Chat technology. On average they bill $49 monthly per operator for enabling Live Help technology on web merchants' websites. But it has changed since ZaZaCHAT was released on the internet market on February 22, 2006. ZaZaCHAT Live Help web-based software has all the features Live Chat technology should have and yet it is offered completely free of charge. Some of its features are as follows:

1. Support web site visitors via Real time Text Chat

2. Monitor website traffic in real time

3. Extensive visitors information including Geographical Location

4. No Software download or installation

5. Multiple Support operators

6. Off-line email messages

7. Extensive reports (Chat Transcripts, Web Traffic, Conversion %, etc.)

8. Manual or automatic chat invitations

9. Typing Status of Visitor/Operator during chat

10. Preset responses

11. Your own graphic for online/offline buttons

12. Super easy in use.

13. 10 Min integration

14. Administrator Chat Monitoring

15. Support Operators Reporting - Rating and Login time log

Live Help via Chat is a modern and elegant way to present your website to your visitors. And without a doubt it will benefit any e-venture and is guaranteed to increase sales and customer satisfaction.




Michael Norton, Web Tool Critics, Inc



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