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ZaZa Software releases ZaZaAlerter 3.0

ZaZaAlerter is windows based ZaZaCHAT Notification System which alerts Operators of an incomming chat session, visitors waiting for response, requested calls, opened tickets and operator messages. It also includes Windows Based ZaZaCHAT Operator's Panel and hourly account stats broadcast.

  • Never miss a chat session again
  • No need for ZaZaCHAT web based panel to be open
  • ZaZaAlerter runs as a service on the backgound in the system tray of your computer
  • Visitor Waiting for Chat, Visitor Waiting for Response, New Operator Message, Requested Calls, Trouble Tickets, New Announcement Notifications
  • Switches Operator's Status to "Offline" after 30,60,90 or 180 minutes of inactivity (depending on user's preference)
  • Single Click Switches Online/Offline Status
  • Optional Hourly ZaZaCHAT Account stats broadcast (visitors, page views, chat sessions, requested calls, trouble tickets)
  • Sound or Voice Alerts
  • Optional "New Visitor Notification" Alert
  • Easy Install *
  • Download and Install ZaZaAlerter 3.0 and be up and running in minutes

* - Make sure that your Internet Security / Windows Firewall is set to allow ZaZaAlerter to connect to the internet

To enable ZaZaAlerter Voice feature please download and install Microsoft SAPI 5.1 and Microsoft Mary and Mike Voices


zazaalerter.msi (923 KB)



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