ZaZa Network, Inc is a web development company specializing in Website Development, Website Hosting, Website Search Engine Optimization, Website Promotion and other website related services. During the last 6 years ZaZa Network has developed over 200 professional websites for medium to large size companies. ZaZa Network has an extensive expertise in e-Commerce, Pharma, Services, Higher Education and other industries. On January 1st, 2007 there were 26 developers employed by ZaZa Network working in teams of 2-3 developers per project. ZaZa Network is divided into 3 divisions: Website Development, Website Hosting and Search Engine Optimization.

On January 15th, 2007 ZaZa Network released its commercial version of ZaZaChat PRO Live Chat Software. Then live chat outsourcing was introduced via HelpSquad live chat agents. ZaZaChat PRO is a comprehensive Live Help System for websites enabling a way to communicate with website visitors witout having to go through the hassle of e-mail or phones.

ZaZaChat Pro incorporates Live Chat Help Support, Knowledge base, trouble tickets management system and Request a call support.

What is a website?
Is a website a tool for product and service providers, or an electronic guidance system for prospective customers? In other words are you selling or helping?
How you respond to this question may determine the success of your website. So think carefully?
How we define what a website is really depends upon which side of the desk we’re sitting. Most business people would say their site is a sales tool.But that is a fundamentally flawed perspective. Use this position, and sooner or later you’ll pay for it. Let’s take a quick look at the Internet. The Internet assists buyers and people looking for information.That’s why most people use the Internet.
Your prospects are looking for a website that helps them. A website that helps them understand what they want to understand and buy when they want to buy.
In order to build trust, credibility and website loyalty, helping your prospects is the way to go. And it certainly doesn’t have to be for free. The vast majority of us are in business to make money. Many of your visitors are looking to buy something. However as the saying goes, no one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy.
In order to generate sales from our websites, we must design them to assist and help our prospects. Asking how can I help my prospects buy, would be a step in the right direction. Our websites should be designed and built from the ground up with the purpose of being a form of online help. The key to successful online help is to answer one simple question: What does the prospect really want to know?
Once we have determined exactly what the prospects, needs and wants are. Then we know how to design, develop or perhaps optimize our websites to address their needs or wants.
Below are some common questions you may ask yourself which should help with your website development.
- Who is visiting your website?
- Roughly what time of day is this search taking place?
- Is the search being done at home or at work?
- Is the boss looking over their shoulder or are they the boss?
- Are they in a hurry or relaxed?
- Whose money is being spent, theirs or someone else’s?
- Are they looking for a tool or service to make their job easier?
- Or are they looking for something to make their job possible?
- Are they trying to resolve a problem, or keep a problem from appearing?
- Are they looking for the cheapest solution, or the best available solution?
- Do they want something with all possible features, or something which focuses on one issue only?
- Are they looking to buy right now (as soon as they know they’ve found what they want)?
- Are they okay with buying on the Internet?
- Are they the decision maker or must they convince someone?
- How much do they currently know about the subject matter?
- How much do they want to know about the subject matter?
- How much time are they willing to spend right now?
It’s your decision and whether real research is done or you make educated guesses, it’s important to know who your visitors are. At that point and only then can they be helped. And when they’re helped, you’ll start to see the real sales potential of your website.
Rob L. Daniel is a United States Air Foce veteran. He served for years as a top-producing stockbroker, with the Investment banking firm of Lehman Brothers. He has had key sales and marketing positions in and outside of corporate America. He is a full time Internet marketer, with a fast track global personal development company. He leads his team and helps others generate traffic and sales for their businesses. Currently he resides in Los Angeles, California.
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Live Chat Console ZaZaAlerter is released - Friday, March 23, 2007
ZaZa Software releases ZaZaAlerter 3.0
Purpose: Alerts ZaZaCHAT Operators of an Incoming Chat Session
Includes: Windows Based ZaZaCHAT Operator's Panel
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Live Help Software Benefits - Wednesday, March 14, 2007
After carefully analyzing data provided by 50 selected e-Commerce companies using ZaZaChat Live Chat Software suite we have concluded that all professional websites with services/products sold daily greatly benefit from having Live Help enabled support
Here are the graphs we have created to show the benefits of having Live Help via Chat software installed on an e-Commerce website: Live Help Software Benefits